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Telesin New Arrivals for GoPro Hero 9!!!

GoPro9 has been released,Telesin made accessories at the first time!!!

These accessories can help you effectively improve the use of the scene and can help you better shoot, now let us see those accessories!

As a GoPro accessory expert, we have released 14 accessories this time. These accessories are divided into the protection category, filter category, and storage category. I believe you will like it.

GoPro 9 Waterproof Case

45 meters waterproof and good factory inspection, let you take pictures in the water with peace of mind.

GoPro 9 Dome Port
To help you shoot the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, the 30m depth waterproof allows you to take pictures with peace of mind.

GoPro 9 HD Film & Tempered Film

2.5D arc edge, Mohs hardness rating of 9H+, better protection, and simple use.

GoPro 9 CPL+ND Filter set

It can better help you shoot, correct the color cast of light, and help you create.

Pink Red Purple Waterproof case Filter for GoPro 9

GoPro 9 Universal base

1/4 camera interface,The same design method as the original.

GoPro 9 Silicone case, lens cap

Two colors are available black & blue,better protect your camera.

GoPro 9 Body protection bag

Half-open design can be used without disassembly, Eva material.

GoPro 9 Metal protection frame

Metal frame, better protection,better access to external devices.

GoPro 9 battery charger

Charge three batteries ,indicator light, better fast charging.

GoPro 9 Battery Cover with open port design

Equipped with a hand strap for better use of equipment.

This is our current product. I hope you like it.

We will continue to produce some equipment accessories in the future!
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